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Cable Railing How To’s: Two Post Corner

Utilizing a Two Post Corner

Constructing cable railing frames can be done in a variety of ways when it comes to selecting railing posts, top railings, and cable infill. As cost relates to stainless steel cable assemblies, the price is greatly related to the amount of stainless hardware or cable fittings needed in order to construct the cable railing. At San Diego Cable Railings we value engineer our cable railing kits without sacrificing strength or aesthetics.

Cable Railing How To Tip: A great way to reduce the cost of stainless cable infill is by utilizing a 2 post corner at a 90 degree turn. When using two posts at a 90 degree turn the cable can actually turn the corner on a single strand creating a soft 45 degree bend in the cable. Two post corners are extremely sturdy and create a constant load path vs. pulling a railing frame in opposite directions. Railings will sustain and maintain tension easier, and the load on the corner will be dispersed among 2 posts.

Included are a few example photos and some bullet points about the benefits of 2 post corner design.

Benefits of Utilizing a Two Post Corner Framing Detail:

▸  Lower cable hardware cost with a continuous flow of cable around the corner vs. a start and stop
▸  Create a continuous load path for cable tension vs. pulling cables in 2 separate directions
▸  Improve your top railing connections when attaching rails to double posts vs. on top of a single post
▸  Use cable tension to hold mitered corners on wooden top railings
▸  Experience easier installations, less labor, more time and money saved
▸  Improved aesthetic results when utilizing continuous cables resulting in less visible hardware.

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cable railing how to
cable railing how to
cable railing how to
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