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New York Cable Railing Project Showcase

Rural New York Cable Railing-

Summer of 2015 is coming to a close. We’ve had a great deck season at San Diego Cable Railings and new york cable railing projects are becoming more and more popular! Cable railing kits have been a solid choice for DIY and contractor clientele across the country. A mental picture of New York may bring imagery of tall buildings and busy streets, but outside the city another backdrop exists and from the photo alone one may never guess the location.

Our project showcase photo features a beautiful deck and cable railing at a country retreat in New York. This photo is a great representation of the versatility of stainless steel cable. So often cable railings are associated with minimalist or modern / contemporary railing designs, but some of the most beautiful deckand railing projects have natural back drops. Landscape settings provide an awesome canvas

for cable railings and cable rail fencing. Stainless steel cable can reflect surrounding trees and shrubs;and often cable disappears into the existing landscape. The showcase photo illustrates the transparency of stainless steel cable even at close range and high resolution.

Materials and colors for the featured project photo were selected by the homeowner and his designer. This particular cable deck railing utilizes stainless steel railing posts with a metallic powder coating. Ipe hardwood cap railings cap off the railing posts , and 1/8” stainless steel cable assemblies make up the railing infill. Stainless steel hardware was provided for attaching the posts and top railings. Stainless steel and Ipe were a great choice for the durability and longevity of this railing system. Extreme weather and seasonal changes call for durable materials. Ipe hardwood and stainless steel cable can last 30-50 years in even the most demanding environments. New york cable railing .systems must endure 4 seasons of extreme weather changes.

The railing design is elegant and the lines are clean. The hardwood cap rail softens the look of the steel railing posts and stainless steel cable infill. DIY cable assemblies allow for a simple and fast installation. Extra kudos to the contractor for his beautiful work and attention to detail. He elected to frame the railing posts inside the deck and notch the decking around the posts. A minor detail like recessing the railing posts can be a great way to hide hardware and have a major impact on the finished product. What a beautiful way to accent an amazing country retreat. Special thanks to the owner for sharing his photos and for choosing San Diego Cable Railings.

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