Cable Railing Post Color Selections

SDCR cable railing post color selections feature a variety of solid colors, metallic finishes, and specialty coatings like vein finishes and clear coats. In addition to powder coated options, we do offer a bare stainless steel finish, with or without clear coat. Bare finished stainless steel posts are available in T316 stainless steel for supreme corrosion resistance. By utilizing several different powder manufacturers, we are able to offer a large selection of colors and textures. In addition to colors, San Diego Cable Railings offers several different sheen types from low gloss to high.

Choosing a color can be a difficult part of any remodeling project. When it comes to cable railing post color, typically neutrals and grey tones will disappear into existing landscape; while dark colors like black and charcoal may stand out or draw attention. Metallic finishes and vein coatings can mimic stainless steel, copper, or other metals. Interior cable railing projects typically call for different coatings or colors than exterior use. Powder coated finishes are ultra hard and protect against UV rays as well as corrosion. Dual stage coatings (color + clear) can offer additional protection from the elements when extreme conditions exist.

At San Diego Cable Railings we constantly improve our quality control and finish work. We perform in house testing and research to stay on top of the latest technology for materials and coatings. Because we provide such a wide variety of finish options; lead times can vary for custom finishes or non stock powders. Our goal is to meet or beat industry standards for lead times on cable railing kits and materials; offering top notch customer service and quality. If you have questions about any of our cable railing post color selections please call 844-277-7327 or use the quote request page and speak to one of our cable railing professionals.


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Cable Railing Post Color