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Contemporary Interior Cable Railing

Interior Cable Railings are a beautiful and increasingly popular choice for stairways, lofts and bannisters. Cable railings for stairs, and stainless steel cable handrails provide an open feel, while removing years from the appearance of older homes. At San Diego Cable Railings we provide complete railing kits for interior cable railing applications. We offer both wooden and steel cable railing options and several different mounting styles.

Due to the custom nature of interior railing projects and stairs, it is often necessary to work with one of our cable railing professionals to assure accuracy and proper mounting for your railing kit. Based on accurate measurements and photographs we are able to provide details, calculate angles, and determine the most effective ways to construct interior cable railings.

There are countless finish options and material choice combinations available for cable railing packages.  We offer both bare stainless steel and powder coated railing post options. Solid colors, metallic finishes, and textured powder coating are some popular choices for interior cable railing kits. Top choices for top railings include Ipe hardwood, mahogany, walnut, oak, and other hardwood species.

For more information about cable railings for interior applications please visit our cable railing blog or contact us at 844-277-7327 and one of our cable railing professionals will assist you with your purchase. If you would like to view more photographs of interior cable railing installations please click here.

Typical structural backing requirements for interior cable railing kits consist of minimum 3″ thick structural members for proper attachment. Cable Railings require strong connections to sustain tension and lateral load requirements not often necessary for other railing types. Properly secured cable railing posts will provide a safe and sturdy barrier protecting your family and pets. Improved aesthetics and the open feel of cable railings will make your interior spaces feel larger and provide value for resale or refinance.