San Diego Cable Railings offers pre-made hardwood cable railing kits; a simple and cost effective option for installing cable railings. Hardwood railing kits utilize pre-drilled posts, top railings, DIY cable assemblies, and all bolt up hardware necessary for a DIY or professional installation. Hardwood cable railing kits are typically furnished using hand selected IPE’ (eepaay) timbers and can also be pre-drilled for a specific cable spacing; pre-finished, sanded, stained, or painted. Pre-finishing (sanding, staining, and or painting) is essential to a successful railing project. Pre-finished materials provide ease of install and prevent messes at your home or job site. Ipe hardwood is considered one of the hardest woods on the planet. The color variation and durability of this exotic hardwood timber is unmatched by any other outdoor building material.

Step by Step Instructions for Selecting Hardwood Cable Railing Components:

1) Select the number of railing posts based on your project specifications. Assume a 4 foot on center post spacing. Utilize 2 post corners whenever possible. Use stainless steel protector sleeves for corner posts and stair bends.                                                      

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2) Select the amount of top railing needed based on lineal footage. Remember to assume a 10% waste factor for mitre cuts and layout changes.  2″x6″ top railing is commonly recommended for use with 4″x4″ posts.    

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3) Select the DIY cable assemblies for your project. For 36″ railings you will need 10 cables. 42″ railings will require 12 cables. Descriptions for each cable assembly are provided.

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Hardwood Cable Railing kits can be ready to ship or deliver in as little as 1-2 weeks. SDCR cable railing kits are guaranteed to save you time and produce professional quality installations. Exotic hardwood and Stainless Steel framing systems can require longer lead times due to special order and custom fabrication. Please contact our professional sales staff with questions pertaining to cable railing kits.

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