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Cable railing quotes can be obtained by submitting photographs, a simple line drawing, or a combination of both. Line drawings can be supplied using graph paper or by using our Quote Request Template. Please include your name, shipping address and contact information. All line drawings should include the following information for the most accurate estimate:

• Starting and stopping points for each run of cable and measured distances between points
• Height of desired railing (example 36″ or 42″)- these are finished heights from deck surface
• Please note whether 2 post corners will be continuous cable runs, as well as starts and stops
• Include the total measured cut length for each cable run (max distance 70′)
• Include the desired material type for the railing (stainless steel, redwood, hardwood, etc.)
• Our recommended post spacing is a maximum of 4′ on center for code compliant cable railings

Sample deck layout for cable railing quotes:

Example A-D illustrates a standard 3 sided deck railing with 90 degree corners (turns) at points B and C.
cable railing quotes, sample deck layout, cable railing deck layout

The total cable run is 40ft from point A to point D and can easily be spanned by a single cable with the use of a 2 post corner design

•Point A is the start of the cabling
•Point B is a 2 post corner
•Point C is a 2 post corner
•Point D is where the cable terminates
•Proposed railing height is 42ft
•Proposed railing material is redwood


From this simple line drawing and notes, we can price and design your cable system, recommended post spacing, framing member sizing, and bolt up measurements.