Wooden cable railing systems can be utilized to construct cost effective cable railings. These type of railing packages are specified at 36” or 42” finished railing height. Wood framing is used for architectural cable railing applications utilized for residential and commercial railing packages. Some common types of wood framing consist of Douglas Fir, Cedar, Redwood, and South American Hardwood species such as Ipe’ and Mangaris.

Wooden cable railing systems consist of wood framed structural members and stainless steel cable infill.

Wood framed support structures are the most cost effective way to construct a cable railing. All cable railing systems require structural considerations pertaining to post spans and tensioning. Soft woods require different considerations than hardwoods. At San Diego Cable Railings we have provided cable railing systems constructed from all of the above mentioned wood species. Wooden cable railing systems are a great option for deck and stair railings. Wood framing also works great for stainless cable fencing. Fencing installations are becoming more and more popular among our hillside and coastal residential clientele.

Wooden framing can be made to look rustic or modern, painted, stained, or left to weather naturally. Our preferred timber for railing framework is with South American hardwood species as they are more durable, maintain cable tension, and are much stronger than softwoods. Special stainless hardware and fittings are used with wood framing systems to guarantee that the cable will not bite into the wood and that tension will be maintained. Re tensioning may be necessary with wood framed cable systems and should be done by a professional or someone who has been educated about tensioning sequence and approved loading of wood structural members.

At San Diego Cable Railings we have the ability to furnish wood framing kits with pre-cut and drilled posts in several finish options.

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